Our Mission

The Intergenerational Landed Learning on the Farm for the Environment Project is committed to improving the well-being of people, communities, and the planet through environmental education and research.


We envision a future where people live respectfully and act responsibly, with awareness that our actions impact the health of the land, the planet, and all who share it.


Our values guide us in achieving our mission:

  • Shared responsibility for sustaining the health of the land
  • Respect and gratitude for life and all living things
  • Building community through cooperative intergenerational learning
  • Food security
  • Achieving health through the social experience of sharing whole foods
  • Self-efficacy for children and adults through growing and preparing food
  • Learning through doing
  • Physical work
  • Experiential, sensory-rich, integrated learning (thinking feeling, sensing, willing/doing)
  • Learning from nature’s cycles (time, seasons)
  • Mentorship by community members and the natural world to build a sense of identity.
  • Participatory research to guide program development