The Intergenerational Landed Learning Project supports the integration of garden-based learning throughout the school curriculum.











This program has been one of the few programs that I’ve been involved with in teaching that truly is able to reach and engage my students by providing and promoting an enriched outdoor classroom with an exciting hands on approach. The Landed Learning Program naturally promotes a high interest in our connectedness with our environment and the world through a combination of lessons and themes that are both taught in the classroom and on site with skilled program leaders and mentors (Farm Friends) who prepare each week to lead the students through their scientific investigations and discoveries at the farm. The Intergenerational Landed Learning Program has truly provided an opportunity for me as a teacher to engage and challenge students. Landed Learning Teacher

As a teacher I am always looking for ways to make learning meaningful and “real”. This means finding opportunities to bring learning alive by heading outside of the classroom and having hands-on experiences. The Landed Learning on the Farm Program is perfect in this regard. It has provided those real world, hands-on opportunities for my students and has been enormously influential for both my students and me. Landed Learning Teacher

Growing food in a space surrounded by native forest that most of my urban students experience for the first time at the Farm I see children becoming fascinated by soil and wanting to help earthworms and all soil inhabitants once they get to touch them and learn how these tiny creatures help us produce healthy food. In the program, children are mentored by many different professionals including retired farmers, botanists, First Nations people and university students. These caring adults are role models for my students, inspiring sustainable lifestyle practices, and supporting their budding interest in caring for the earth. My students learn from them how our actions affect the environment and ways they can make a difference in the local community. Landed Learning Teacher

To say that the program has been transformational for me as a teacher and my students is an understatement. I am a better teacher because of the influence of the staff and volunteers at the farm.Landed Learning Teacher