11th Annual Intergenerational Landed Learning Family Day

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Children making clay sculptures inspired by nature at the wildly popular Clay Play station!

They came and they played with clay and they stayed

At least for an hour or two

They learned to chop a crop and hopped

Across the field; it’s true!

Learning great onion chopping technique! Caramelized onions were delicious on our wood-fired pizzas!


Pounding out leaf and flower pigments to make beautiful artwork

They pounded leaves and dyed some sleeves

And experienced art of the land

In paper pots they planted lots 

Of seeds that they’ll tend by hand

Tie dying using natural dyes from beets, carrots, turmeric, and other plants!


Making biodegradable paper pots and planting seeds to grow at home!


They shared a care uncommonly rare
Excited by all that they know

"I ground this grain into flour in the rain

And soon we’ll be eating the dough!”

Showing off seed ID! Landed Learning students did great!


Making pizza with garden greens pesto and wheat grown by Cedar Isle Farm and milled by Landed Learning students!

“Hey Mom, come here! I grew this this year!

This kale, isn’t it yummy?!"

They shared knowledge as wealth and smoothie for health

“I want kale in my yard and my tummy!"

Sharing our stories of how Landed Learning inspires life changes at home!

Showing off the gardens we have cared for all year!

“Let me show you this wormy, it’s not at all germy,

And here are the seeds we’ll be needing.

See, I wrote and I drew about all that I knew

And how at my home I am leading”

Learning about and sharing the tastes, smells, flavours, and culinary uses of garden herbs


They dressed as a flower, shared knowledge as power

They smiled, they laughed, they had fun

Another day they’ll look back and say

I’m so proud of the work that I’ve done

Fun family photos at the Landed Learning photo booth

From the garden that’s here that we planted this year

Are the seeds just taking root

Of a lifetime of growing ourselves and knowing

That someday this work will bear fruit

Heating up our wood-fired cob oven to bake yummy pizza!

Onion juggling!

Special thanks to all of the staff and Farm Friends who made the 11th Annual Landed Learning Family Day such a huge success! Nearly 30 volunteers helped set up, clean up, play music, and run such incredible stations that connected the Landed Learning children and their families with experiences of the healthy land, food, and community that they can bring into their daily home lives. The day was an enormous success. We had approximately 145 guests, Landed Learning students from four participating schools and their families. The mood was festive and social and fun was had by all. Current LL students were found in the garden and greenhouse showing off so much knowledge with their parents; former LL students returned with younger siblings to relive their great memories of the Farm and of their Farm Friends. Parents shared that they were learning so much from their children and felt they won the lottery by having their children in the Landed Learning Project!

Thanks to all the volunteers and guests from across Vancouver for making the day and the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project so impactful! 

Great music for a super-fun day!

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