Farm Friends are Hidden Heroes!

Landed Learning Farm Friend volunteers contribute so much to the community as they mentor children to care for the Earth, themselves, and each other. It’s a gift to know them, learn from them, and see them inspire children year after year. More than 50% of our Farm Friends volunteer for 2 or more years, which is a huge gift! We are so grateful for them and every volunteer who has helped Landed Learning build communities of caring.

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, two Landed Learning Farm Friends, Judy Schmidt and Vince Helton, received the Hidden Heroes award!

Judy Schmidt has contributed 15 years as a volunteer…longer than any of our current participants have even been alive! She has helped over 50 children get excited about growing their own food and caring for the Earth!


Vince Helton volunteered for three years and helped us put in our irrigation system, which has been invaluable to the success of the Children’s Learning Garden at the UBC Farm! The plants and people are so grateful!

Congratulations to Vince, Judy, and all the Hidden Heroes!


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