Bees in classroom

Beewatch’s mission is to inspire people to learn about the natural world through nature-based education. Beewatch is dedicated to educating tomorrows citizens, about the bees in general, and the honeybee in particular.

One can teach and pass on a beautiful message in many different ways. You can read a book to someone while sitting on a couch, you can make movie and project it in a theater, you can tell a story in a classroom using books and computers. With Beewatch, the education is based on a very unique closeness. Beewatch installs and maintains beautiful observation bee hives inside schools and buildings. These hives allow you to watch the bees and follow their activities. The bees travel in and out of the hive through a tube that goes across a window or a wall.

Children will not only learn about the biology of this fabulous insect, how the queen lays the eggs, how the worker bees make the combs and the honey, how they all communicate inside the hive to perform highly hierarchical tasks, but also and mainly, they will connect with their bees and build a precious bond with nature based on living together, understanding, protecting, and caring for each other.

Beewatch partners with schools and is successfully implanted in five schools in West Vancouver and one school on Vancouver Island. The programs developed for schools are centered around the observation hive that we install and maintain throughout the year. Beewatch then helps the teachers build courses and activities in order for them to get the most out of this wonderful educational tool.

Beewatch was founded in 2017 by two bee enthusiasts, Magali Chemali and Norm Schenck. Beewatch is now a non-profit society pending its charitable status registration.


Visit the Bee Watch website to learn more and get involved.

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